Welcome to ProsperoSystem

Innovators in driving up consumer household spend

Our Model

We source customers and customer spend for our Merchant Partners through Channel Partners – membership groups and financial institutions with debit and credit cardholders

Those cardholders register their payment cards with loyalty programs supported by our Merchant Partners

Merchant Partners provide rebates on purchases made by those cardholders in exchange for their ongoing patronage

Our Partners

Our business could not function without the great partners who help us execute our plans. These are Merchant Partners, who provide the rewards. Channel Partners, who provide the customers. And Execution Partners, who help the core team deliver on the process

Our Team

We manage the business with a small, core team of best-in-class experts, based in the UK and the US, who manage the business by process not by geography

This team is supported by a range of experienced execution partners

Operations are separated into 5 key units

Damian Jakubczyk
Louise Manning
Paul O'Hare
Tim Plummer
Gary Schoeman
Nicolette Sifontis
Robert Stewardson
Sally Tinson
Jeremy Utton

Our Record

Creativity, innovation and bold thinking, strong product design, meticulous attention to detail, control and execution in products and organization have characterized Prospero’s approach to its business from the outset